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Is already an invitation to travel and what a trip!……

Nestled in the heart of the black desert, about thirty miles from the oasis of Bahariya, Bedouin ecolodge that opens its doors. In this haven of peace, greenery and serenity will leave you very quickly swept away like a dream. Amid the palm trees, flowers and with the backdrop of the majestic mountains of the desert basalt, small Bedouin houses, traditional, made of mud brick, they offer the traveler a comfortable rest.
While the sunset looks a silhouette stands out in the red lights of a sky that seems to burn. In his shirt lavender blue, bearing the traditional chech Bedouins from Libya, the little prince this "beneath the moon garden welcomes you with a broad smile of a loan warmth.
Helal is the host. Born in the nearby hamlet of El Haiz, this child of the desert learned everything from his grandfather and his father's caravan, the universe has more secrets and his greatest joy is to discover the passing traveler.
In the evening, against a backdrop of brightly colored carpets, the party is happy and continues with the sounds of traditional musical instruments. Sumsumyia (small guitar) for Helal, taraboca (tamtam) and flute for other family members.
After that wonderful moment you leave your bed head full of dreams in the serenity of the night.

4 double Huts, single or triple.
10 double rooms in traditional house
2 Restaurants
1 shop
2 Communal bathrooms with hot water
1 Swimming pool with natural spring water 1 golf in the sand