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Desert. A simple word that inevitably raises for most of us a real fascination. Probably because it is a source of wonder and questioning.
Go to the desert is to accept confrontation with absolute freedom and isolation.
Our imaginary then started to lead us to a horizon that never ends, to mirages and borders that fade.
The Western Desert of Egypt that is known is a true jewel Libyan Sahara.
Its incredibly black basalt desert seems to be the other side of the chalk, so white.
A paradise for lovers of wilderness.
In the words of Theodore Monod "the desert is probably dull, dreadfully dull, never."
Basalt gradually gives way to limestone and the landscape brightened. The mountain of crystal (quartz) shines with all its lights to captivate the casual visitor. Between sand and rocks, valleys parade, offering their breathtaking beauty.
Then the White Desert opens its doors, enchanted world. Strolling among so many strange forms arose from the seabed and sculpted by the wind, plunging it into a dream. The whiteness of the limestone combines with the golden sand and when the West ablaze and then slid slowly at night, these mysterious figures begin a strange dance in the glow of the campfire. The sky is, in turn, all its promises by making the donation of thousands of stars enveloped by the way the act.
Everyone then feels like the Little Prince by St. Exupery "The desert is beautiful," he said.
At dawn, the sunrise redoubled magic, igniting the landscape of his palette of orange and purple.
Then the blind and lime awakens all of his immaculate whiteness.
Further on is the appeal of dunes is heard ....
True ocean, the Great Sand Sea dunes which undulate spreads to the eye. The light then drowned in the endless dunes. They say that this is the most barren desert in the world. Yet, life reasserts itself, and in the dune valleys, lakes appear improbable belted palm swooning in the crystalline waters. The Libyan Desert is a wonderful invitation for a break out of time ... to live absolutely







The adventure begins with a long ribbon of asphalt that net portion of the desert sands. A desert that spreads its golden color to the eye, in a space that appears empty of everything. Yet here and there, the presence of petrified trunks recalls that in these places stood there for thousands of years, a vast forest.
The miles are connected, the landscape changes tone, playing on the chart of ocher while far away, the great sea of sand the top edge of the dunes.
Then it's time for mountains to appear, more and more impressive. Dusted with a thin golden brown, they indicate the presence of iron is known for the oasis of Bahariya.
The descent to the great depression which was the oasis is nestled softly.
Already taking shape off the palm and its lake, like a green jewel. Our imagination takes us to a world of peace .... Bawiti but in real city, we offer an amazing spectacle which come into play in cheerfully 4x4, carts, bikes ... in an atmosphere of dust and appeal of the desert.
We do a quick crossing because it is out of this mess that we have an appointment.
Out of Bahariya is a very different landscape that was established by force of its mountains that have worn a mantle of basalt over their dress sand. The mineral reasserts itself in a mysterious austerity. Far from us the image of Epinal that we all of us with the undulating desert dunes to the skyline. The more one penetrates, the more the spell is great, as though the black desert desperately trying to tell us how beautiful it is to those who discover it.
In the distance, like something out of a casket, a small green dot piercing the decor is ... .. "The garden in the moonlight, the base camp where we will Helal our guide, owner.
This tiny oasis exudes a feeling of tranquility, softness, voluptuousness. The authentic Bedouin is preserved in this enchanting and are come to nest in small huts and houses of mud brick, providing a pleasant comfort. In late afternoon we find that tramples Helal wait to take us on his favorite playground, around the camp. Driving a 4x4 talent and experience are not left room for doubt. We embarked on an exciting discovery. At the top of one of these dormant volcanoes since the dawn of time, we contemplate the infinite amazement and goes rippling dunes mountains, sandy basalt, honey chocolate. The sun sets on the horizon as we head towards the Bedouin village of El Haiz.
Our 4x4 rides on small bumps of sand in which only acrobatics Helal secret.
Dunes more hollow in them suggest a soft green foliage that hides already borne its first fruit, nice watermelons are among the most popular of the country. While the West ablaze, we are approaching the salt lake for a breathtaking spectacle.
Helal tells us the best place to post us to enjoy the magic of the moment. The sky is on fire with flames licking an imaginary blue water around an ice crystal that appears. The magic takes hold of each of us and we leave the head full of stars ....

The next day is another pearl of the desert that exudes in us a real impatience.
And it is through the desert that we chose to approach this crossing is as full of promise.
Basalt-toned shades of black we slip into the bright light and sweet at the time of a milky extent that floods infinity. The road has only the name, but is difficult Helal knows the least dangerous and very quickly leads us out of the box as it has both the habit and preference as well. "A Bedouin loves above all to feel free," he likes to repeat ourselves. We all share his thoughts.
Mountains, sand dunes will take over as the colors that melt into golds, ochres and other chestnuts.
In the landscape emerges a mirage or is it reality? The desert "never dull" said Theodore Monod.
And here is unlikely that a lake unfolds against a backdrop of dunes. The palm trees that border swoon in its clear water. A delightful lunch awaits us ... the crossing is fantastically happy. Check point check point, we go to Siwa, which opens the arms of the lake as to better accommodate us.
Siwa is dressed in green and red ocher found even in its traditional habitat.
We fall in love immediately.
The beauty of the place, serene atmosphere that emanates ... time seems to have stopped its course too enthralled by these places. Colored carts pulled by donkeys or horses move between the palms on the road to the city. Women strolling mysterious, hidden under their thick burka in the colors of the sky they can not see. The people of Siwa Berber origin, fiercely maintains its traditions.

The old town of Shali makes its ruins as a symbol of Siwa where the sunsets are the colors sing.
In the evening, shopping is a must in specialty shops that abound in Siwa (pottery, embroidery, olive oil ....), But also Libya neighbor.
Another dream awaits us in the morning: that of crossing the dunes of the Great Sand Sea.
Helal excels in navigating this moving ocean. The thousand years that have passed have not erased the traces in a sea that was in real time and in these places. Fossils of sea stars and anemones plunge us a blow "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea" ... .. The sand waves we have revealed some of their beauty, the new oasis calls us to give us some of his secrets.
Cleopatra, Alexander the Great ... we go back in time through these sites that load our memories and delight our present.
We close this page on Siwa by a last stroll in the evening to immerse ourselves once again of the special atmosphere of this oasis touching, engaging where we can only dream back one day ....